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Like any successful team, whether in sports or in business their success is not created overnight. It's over time. We at Team Johal measure our success not by awards, accolades and recognition (although we do have plenty of those) but by the "3 R's" Repeat Clients, Reviews and Referrals. We're fortunate to have built an incredible business on "the 3 R's.

Our core values as a team are simple:

#1 Respect each other and yourself

#2 Respect our clients

#3 Unparalleled customer service

#4 Enjoy what you do

#5 Always keep growing both personally and professionally

As Team Leader I have a responsibility to ask myself the question any of our clients (or prospective clients) would ask - "Would I do business with my team?". I'm both proud and humbled to answer, yes! Overwhelmingly YES! We have the right people in the right positions on our team. We have focused on hiring talent in all areas of our team. We have superior marketing beyond anyone else has to offer both online and offline. We have systems in place to ensure consistent levels of high service in all facets of the real estate transaction. Our customer service is not just top-notch but unparalleled. When you hire us you'll get the full team experience but you'll never be unclear of who your point of contact is, ever!



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